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Voices United in Education.

A podcast presented by
Escambia County Public Schools.
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You have a voice here.

This podcast is a platform for teachers, parents, staff, students, graduates, community mentors and residents.

Step up and share your positive stories and different viewpoints so we can teach and learn from one other. The education and success of each student In Escambia County Public Schools depends on all of us. Together, we can be united in education.

Latest Episodes

Ep 43 | How Do Bikes Help Kids? Free Bikes & Balance

Guest Speaker:
Jennifer Collins
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Ep 42 | Snowball Effect: Student Success Story

Guest Speaker:
Jamal Sharp
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Ep 41 | Kids Working in the Health Clinic? Empowering the Next Generation

Guest Speaker:
Dr. Kimberly Thomas & Barbara Hayes
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Ep 40 | Who’s Listening? How are Needs are Assessed & Met

Guest Speaker:
Tammy Greer
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